How safe is sunless tanning?

MineTan is safer and healthier for your skin than sunbathing or using a tanning bed. Thanks to MineTan, tanning doesn’t have to result in a higher risk of accelerated skin aging, burned skin or skin cancer.

What can make my tan fade away?

Similarly to a naturally tanned skin, skin renewal will eventually make your tan fade away. If you take a shower or go swimming frequently, however, your tan will fade away sooner.

How should I use my self-tanner?

Every MineTan product comes with instructions that clearly explain to you how to use your self-tanner. You can also find clear instructions on the use of your product on every product page.

Can I wear clothes during my tanning session?

After applying the self-tanner, wait at least 10 minutes before putting on clothes in order to let your tan dry properly. Make sure you opt for loose, dark clothing during the tanning session.